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Data specs for an event page version 0.9

As a reference I like to share our current specification of a typical Foodfilmfestival Event. Lets call it version 0.9:

Event Title –> includes film title for feature films, otherwise it will mention an activity i.e. “Morgen Yoga”

Event Temporal Data –> the total duration of the arrangement including all parts

Event Description –> serves as intro to both film and food arrangements

Event Audience –> i.e. age limitations or target of interest

Film Arrangement 1 –>

Film Title –>
Film Grouped Meta Data –> director, year, country of origin, minutes
Film Description –>
Film Awards –>

Film Arrangement 2 –>

Film Title –>
Film Grouped Meta Data –>
Film Description –>
Film Awards –>

After Film Arrangement –> i.e. Q&A with director, debate forums

Food Arrangement –>

Food arrangement Temporal Data–> planned duration
Food arrangement Description –>

Event Collaboration –> partnerships with clickable links
Event Locations –>

Map link –>

Event Booking –> payment link (if applicable)
Event Film Sponsor –> i.e logo, reference to sponsor
Event Food Sponsor –> i.e logo, reference to sponsor
Event Social Media –> i.e facebook like-button, etc

Textual content is provided in both Danish and English. The languages visibility can be toggled between both. We need first an event intro or event description,  secondly film descriptions of all shown films, third the description of the food related arrangements. In addition, it occurs that  an pre/after-film debate gets supported with a list of questions or a thesis is provided. An example is the educational program (see “Little Forest”).

“Om” European Region of Gastronomy


The overall aim of the European Region of Gastronomy project is to:

“contribute to a better quality of life in European Regions by conserving food cultures and stimulating gastronomic innovation”.


‘Gastronomy is the knowledge and understanding of all that relates to man (sic) as he eats. Its purpose is to ensure the conservation of men, using the best food possible’ – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin.

From Farm to Plate to Human Experiences

Gastronomy is about much more than good food. It is also about ensuring the production and quality of locally produced food, supporting cultural traditions and festivals, highlighting food heritage and habits, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation in the design of new products based on traditional recipes so as to ensure their sustainability.
Raising awareness on food-related issues is important, especially at a time when there is growing concern about the origin of food. Nowadays consumers not only demand more locally-produced foods , but are also  eager to discover the links between what they eat and the place in which it is produced it. Food is therefore more than an essential means of sustenance, it is also a support for local identity and culture – a link between rural regions and cities, and a tool for the creation of more cohesion between European people.


First Meeting of Volunteers

Today we came together to kick off Filmfoodfestival in Aarhus. You might have guessed it, those friendly people on the picture are not us, but some other volunteers from nordicgamejam.org. We first need to take some pictures from our team, among other things in order to get FoodFilmFestival.dk on the road.