FoodFilmFestivaldk is created in close collaboration with relevant actors from the food sector, film world, cultural and business life, associations and educational institutions. The partners are invited to bid with relevant initiatives and funds.It is strongly emphasized that the program is being developed with stakeholders and aimed at creating links across regional and international networks and focusing on different foodways, generations and cultures.

FoodFilmFestival  was started by Filmselvskab in 2015  and is Scandinavia’s first festival focusing on food film and food culture. FoodFilmFestival is created by a Filmselvskab project group, collaborators and a group of volunteers who since 2015 for concept development, communication, fundraising, project management, dialogue with actors and locations. The fist yar FoodFilmfestival dk had 3000 visitors.

Among FoodFIlmFestvial collaborators are: Aarhus billedkunstcenterBeer Enthusiast Danmark, Black Box Dance Company, Centre for Environmental Humanities, AUDet Danske Filminstitut, Dokk1Filmby Aarhus, FOF Aarhus, Food Maker,  Forlag Æter, FN’s Fødevareproram,  Godsbanen, Kaffe Fair,  Kunsthal Aarhus, ildstedet,   Radar, Restaurant Substans, Smag på Aarhus, Spiselauget,Tuborg Fondet, Viborg Kunsthal and nternational partners such as artist Christian Saucedo, Embassy of Portugal in Copenhagen , Edge Brewing, Kaelderkold, Barcelona,NAFA/ Nordic Anthropological Film AssociationSlow Food International,  United Nations WFP,  m.m.

FoodfilmFestival is part of European Region of Gastronomy Aarhus 2017

FoodFilmFestival is from october 12th -19th. 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark

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