Plants at #walkfoodfilmfestivaldk

Stephanie sent a list of all the plants during the #walkfoodfilmfestivaldk at Godsbane, namely :

Mugwort, ground elder, stinging nettle, winter cress, chick weed, hawthorn, curly dock, wild sorrel, red clover, dandelion, rosehips, yarrow, elderberry, apples.

Furthermore she noted some book that might be of interest :
Edible Wild Plants: Wild Foods From Dirt To Plate
Sank, spis naturens køkkkenhaver
Mad med naturens vilde planter.
Wild wisdom of weeds
New wildcrafted cuisine .

Stephanie has some great recipes at her instagram profil snifini,- which not only delicious but also in english:) We will keep the #walkfoodfilmfestivaldk alive and hope to see you in the spring!

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