The volunteers of FoodFilmFestival 2016

If  you curious about sustainable food, or passionate about film and gastronomy or foodways, then join us and become part of FoodFilmFestival in Aarhus.

FoodFilmFestival seeks volunteers to help to create and stage events around culture, sustainability, media and food. For the last three years, Filmselvskab has arranged an annual FoodFilmFestival. In addition, we have ongoing events throughout the year that focus on food culture through debates, screenings, workshops and dinners.

In 2019, the is during the Aarhus Festival from  01.09. to 08.09. In this context we seek enthusiasts who can help before, during and after the festival.

The  ideas for the FoodFilmFestival events is distributed to different working groups, which deal with issues such as climate, gastronomy, program composition, marketing, fund raising and the practical organization of events.

The groups work with different focus, which you can read about here.

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Climate group

The CLIMATE GROUP works with climate issues, ecology, cultivation methods and energy consumption of food. The group works through film, articles and food to focus on the relocation of food, food insecurity, sustainable future, fun green food and new ways to illustrate the issues in the area. We meet twice a month and develop events.

Gastronomy group

The GASTRONOMY GROUP develops events around food and food trends. You get in touch with chefs and focus on, for example, health, vegan, street and power food, the national kitchens. We meet twice a month to cook up events and watch cooking programs, food films and look into food trends.

Program group

The PROGRAM GROUP prepares events and helps to put together the festival’s program. We contact with film directors, media persons, presenters and other artists. In the work with the program, there is room for creativity and innovation in the dissemination of culture through debate, food and media. The group has more meeting by end Juni as the program for the festival moves closes.

Press group

The PRESS GROUP  is responsible for a wide range of tasks within marketing and exposure of the FoodFilmFestival and other events. The group works with social media, the website, graphics, print, press releases, advertising and everything in between. We meet year-round, but there is particular pressure leading up to the events.

Fund group

The FUND GROUP is the financial backbone of the festival, which continuously works with fundraising throughout the year and on seeking the funds that make the festival possible. We meet once a month.

Festival group

The FESTIVAL GROUP takes care of all the practicalities of events – that all details are in place. We make sure that the technical works, that there is food and drink, and we are always prepared for all eventualities and particular requirements – headache pills or an extra extension cord.

Together we create the framework and the content. As part of the team, you’ll learn a lot about how to create events,  and at the same time meet a lot of dedicated people.

Are you interested in becoming part of our fantastic volunteer team, then write to us at info(a) – and tell us about yourself.