Premiere: Our blood is wine-films, foods + wine tasting

Join in a special evening with films, wine tasting, sciences and young female winemakers making traditional Georgian wine.
Note limited seats!
Join us for the premier of Emily Railsback ” Our blood is wine”
In “Our Blood is wine” filmmaker Emily Railsback and award-winning sommelier Jeremy Quinn provide an intimate access to rural family life in the Republic of Georgia as they explore the rebirth of 8,000-year-old winemaking traditions almost lost during the period of Soviet¬†rule.
By using unobtrusive iPhone technology, Railsback brings the voices and ancestral legacies of modern Georgians directly to the viewer, revealing an intricate and resilient society that has survived regular foreign invasion and repeated attempts to erase Georgian culture. The revival of traditional winemaking is one of the central force driving this strong, independent and autonomous nation to find its 21st century identity.
During the film, sommelier and ass. prof. Qian Janice Wang and Domen PreŇ°ern gives a wine tasting, introducing some of the special wines and tastes of Georgia.
After the film, the Georgian wine maker, Ketevan from go go wine answers questions. Ketevan Berishvili is portrayed in the film and a young female winemaker behind Go Go wines.

Price: 200 kr incl. films, wine tasting session with ass. prof Qian Janice Wang and Domen PreŇ°ern and snacks.

THURSDAY 13.08.2020 17:00-21:00

Teatret gruppe 38
Our Blood Is Wine | Emily Railsback | 1h 18min | Documentary | 2019 | Japan| Trailer |
ABOUT Qian Janice Wang and Domen ENG/DK
ENG: Qian Janice Wang is an assistant professor in Food Science and a two-time President of the Oxford University Blind Tasting Society. She has researched crossmodal correspondences involved in flavour perception and has focus on how sound can modify and enhance the way we perceive food and drink.
Qian Janice Wang is a devoted lover of wine and have competed in various international wine tasting competitions (Millesime, Pol Roger, X-Wine, Left Bank Bordeaux Cup, Cav’IT, Defi de Bacchus, etc) and have completed her WSET educator training course.